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Product name:Post column deravation System
Product model:3000
Product overview

PCD-3000 is specialized for post column derivation analysis for Carbamate insecticides, glyphosate herbicides, guanidinium compounds, mycobacterins, paralysis caused by crustacean or shellfish aquatic toxins, Paraquat, polyether antibiotics, sulfonamides, monomatonic mycotoxin,vitamins B1 and B6, Formaldehyde, etc.

  • PCD-3000 is designed for the detection of pesticide residue and toxin in the field of food safety, environmental protection and chemical analysis.

         1. Modular design and flexible configuration.

         2. Primary and secondary post column derivative systems are available.

    PCD-3000 Reactor:

         1.  Reacting temperature can be set and accuratly controlled based on the derivative temperature, which can be up to max.150℃.

         2. Rapid heating and cooling greatly shorten the prepreheating balancing time.

         3. Overheat protection function. The reactor temperature was limited to150℃ to prevent any damage to the instrument.

        4. Inert flow path is used to meet the strong acid
 and strong alkali condition.

        5. The reactor panel displays the set temperature and actual temperature in real time.

    PCD-3000 Pump:

        1. Pulse-free constant current pump with the flow rate of 0~10 mL/min and Max. pressure 6000psi.

        2. The pump plunger can be cleanned in real time to reduce the corrosion caused by acid and akai prolong the service time of the pump.

       3. Inert flow path is used to meet the strong acid
 and strong alkali condition.

       4. The pump panel displays the related parameters in real time.

      5. Overpressure protection.