Molecular distillation system
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Product name:Glass reactor
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Product overview

The reactor is an ideal equipment for modern chemical, fine chemical, bio-pharmarceutical, material synthesis and so on.

  • 1. Made of high borosilicate glass (GG17), it has excellent physical and chemical properties with the temperature ranges from -120℃ to + 250℃.

    2. Frequency control of stirring speed helps the reactor run steadily and reliable. Large torque and no sparks design helps the reactor work continuously and safely.

    3. Patented Teflon sealing technology enables the best vacuum degree (-0.0 9 5 Mpa or so), leading in domestically. And the debris collection groove is also equipped.

    4. Compact and sturdy GB stainless steel frame structure (T and Cross connectors are stainless steel) with brake casters makes it easy to move.

    5. PTFE discharge valve has no dead angle. The reactor body and cap can be custom-made according to customer's request.

    6. No matter for cooling or heating, corresponding matching products can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

    7. The coolant, hot water and hot oil in the jacket layer can be discharged completely.

    8. The overall structure is scientific, novel, practical and fashionable.