Molecular distillation system
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Product name:Short-path Molecular Distiller
Product model:YHMD-150(B)
Product overview

Special for the purification of CBD. 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 230mm are available.

More intelligent and more efficient.

  • ① Separation can be achieved at low distillation temperature as long as there is a temperature difference.

    ② Physical process helps protect the materials from contamination and damage.

    ③ Short heating time helps to reduce the thermal decomposition of the material. 

    ④ Extremely thin film and high heat transfer efficiency.

    ⑤ No boiling and bubbling.

    ⑥ Non-toxic, non-residual and environmentally friendly.

    ⑦ No need of complex equipment, easy to install and operate.

    ⑧ Lower energy consumption due to the lower overheating loss and the lower internal pressure and resistance.

    ⑨ Target products can be obtained selectively and can separate more than two compounds by multi-stage separation.