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Product name:Ultravolie and Visable spectrophotometer plus
Product model:UV-6000/8000/9000
Product overview

One of the most used instruments in Lab!

Be widely used in pharmaceutical, food safety, biological, daily chemical, environmental monitoring, optical meterials, petrochemicals and so on.

  • 1.    Reliable performance: High resolution C-T structure monochromator, good stability, reproducibility and accuracy.

    2.    High intelligence: ARM microcomputer , large capacity memory, massive test data storage, USB storage and export, one-click software upgrade, bluetooth printing and so on.

    3.    Good stability: Integrated aviation material to ensure long-term stability and reliability.

    4.    Larger colorful screen: Menu guidance help prevent misoperation and both touch screen and key panel are available, which make the operation more easy. 

    5.    Quality assurance: Control the manufacturing process strictly and choose key components from well-known brands to ensure each instrument is durable and reliable.

    6.    Maintenance friendly: Four-slot adjustable sample rack(10-50mm) is convenient for different cuvettes; Independent tungsten lamp and replacement window and flange positioning structure makes it easy to replace.

    7.    Multiple functions: Photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, qualitative measurement, time measurement, DNA / protein measurement, multi-wavelengths measurement, instrument calibration and other ancillary functions.