analytical HPLC column
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Product name:Globalsil® C18 BP Column
Product model:
Product overview

1. Suitable for hydrophilic compounds separation

2. Strong retention in aqueous condition 

3. Longer lifetime in aqueous eluents

4. Different selectivity from C18-AP    

  • The unique bonding technology enables Globalsil® C18-BP columns especially suitable for aqueous mobile phase with low organic solvent.

    With traditional bonding technology,  C18-chain will collapse in high aqueous system, resulting in deterioration of peak shape, while Globalsil® C18-BP can maintain good peak shape.

    This advantage improves the column selectivity in aqueous mobile phase and enables Globalsil® C18-BP better performance in the analysis of hydrophilic substances and polar substances. Typical application is to separate biological molecules and metabolites, such as oligosaccharides, amino acids, small peptides, nucleotides and organicacids. 

    The functional group of Globalsil® C18-BP will not collapse even in the 100% aqueous mobile phase. When separating the pyrimidine and phenol, the selectivity and resolution remains the same after the column was rushed by pure water for 100 hours.

  • We supply columns packed witµm, 5 µm, 10 µm, 15 µm2µm and 50 µm particles.  

    Special requirments can be customized.

  • Cellobiose and sucrose and other sugars in the two Globalsil® ODS-BP column are able to be effectively separated. These two sugars are monosaccharide units from different composition, with different hydrophobic. Globalsil® ODS-BP column is fully capable to identify these small ifferences.