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Product name:LIF
Product model:TriSep®3000
Product overview

Your best choice for trace detection!

Ultra high sensitivity, LOD as low as 1×10-11 M!

  • TriSep -3000® LIF adopts semiconductor laser and unique optical design to ensure the intensity of excitation

    light and the stability of signal, which enables the LOD of LIF up to 1×10-11 M . The PMT with high sensitivity

    and large dynamic range can realize single photon counting, which enables the LIF especially suitable

    for oligonucleotide fragment analysis, PCR amplification product analysis, amino acid analysis, drug

    target protein analysis, doping tests and drug testing.

    Sensitivity test of LIF

    Column: 100  µm i.d. × 20 cm, 3 µm C18 

    Mobile phase: water/methanol = 20/80 

    Flow rate: 0.03 mL/min

    Detector: LIF, Ex.: 488 nm, Em.: 525 nm

    Sample: 1× 10-11  M FITC 


      1. Patented detection cell

      2. Wide dynamic range and single photon counting       

      3. Ultra high sensitivity, the LOD can reach up to 1×10 -11M        

      4. Multiple wavelength options (375 nm, 488nm, 532 nm, 638 nm, special wavelength can be customized)        

      5. Suitable for eHPLC, micro-HPLC, HPLC, CE, qCE and microfluidic biochips        

  • LIF can be widely used in life science, molecular biology, neurochemistry, immunology, pharmacology, environmental science, toxicology and food science!

    Column: 100 µm i.d. × 58 cm 

    Buffer: 10 mM borate buffer (pH 9.3) 

    Voltage: 10 kV

    Detector: LIF

    Ex.: 488 nm

    Em.: 525 nm

    Sample: 7×10 -9  M AA, 10 kV, 2S