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Product name:Globalsil® SI SERIES
Product model:SI SERIES
Product overview

With 10-year-experience, UNIMICRO produces a wide variety of excellent columns. Our product range includes both analytical and preparative grades. All of them are packed with the world famous brand packing materials (Daiso, Kromasil, etc.) by our outstanding techniques of packing under carefully controlled conditions. 

  •    Ultra-pure silica matrix    
       High load capacity          

       Uniform particle size distribution    
       Ultra-high mechanical strength       

       Globalsil® Si series of column packing usedin a spherical porous and has a smooth surface of the ultra-pure silica gel,Al, Fe, Ti, Zi and other metal impurities content less than 10ppm, aftercareful and strict monitoring of the process of control production. Uniqueparticle separation method to ensure that the precise particle sizedistribution. Under the same conditions, for different sizes of particlesbonded end-capped, and thus obtain the same selectivity, retention time.

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    Pore Diameter

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