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Product name:quantitative CE
Product model:qCETM3010
Product overview

New solution and selection

  • FullyAutomated Quantitative Capillary Electrophoresis (qCE)

    New solution and selection

        A quantitative capillary electrophoresiswas developed by utilizing a rotary type of nano-volume injector, anauto-sampler, and a thermostat with cooling capacity. The nano-injector with anaccurate internal loop provides a new solution for the problem of accurate quantitativein CE. The accuracy and precision were greatly improved compared withconventional CE.


              1. Using the nano-injector with 4 nL or 10 nLinternal loop

              2. Greatly improved accuracy and precisioncompared with conventional CE

              3. The stable, repeatable and reliable resultsare ensured by a thermostat with cooling capacity

           4. μUV/Vis, μLIF, μELSD, μECD and MS can be combined

              5. Easy-to-operate analysis platform

              6. Specialized software

        Introductionof core models         

              1. Auto sampler

               All of the modules of the quantitative CEsystem were automatically controlled by a computer program.

              2. Nano-injector

               (1) The injector volume accuracy was guaranteedby the carefully designed nano-injector with an accurate internal loop.

               (2) Applies to all type of sample and have nodiscrimination effects.

               (3) Continuous on-line analysis can beperformed and have no need to interrupt the process of electrical balance.

               (4) Have no cross-contamination between thesamples and the buffers

               (5) Valve injection is simple, conventional andsafe.

              3. Electrical decoupler

               (1) Allowed electrical current to flow betweenthe buffer and capillary but without permeating the buffer and sample to passthrough the membrane on the capillary

               (2) Realizing the technology of powering oncapillary

               (3) Isolating the injector from the electricalfield

               4. Thermostat

                Temperature control medium: liquid

                Tempertature range: 4-40 ℃

         Control& data processing software

              Set instrument unit control, data acquisition and processing in one and fully compatible with GLP norms