Pressurized Capillary Electrochromatography
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Product name:ElectroPak®
Product model:CEC Column
Product overview

ElecrtoPak® capillary electro chromatographic column is the patented productowned by Unimicro, which is used for CE, CLC and CEC. The patented electrokinetic packing technique endows ElecrtoPak® high column efficiencyand high resolution.


  • ElecrtoPak® offers

    1.      packing of various types andparticle sizes: C18, C8, Phenyl, CN, Si, Ion exchange, Chiral materials. Theparticle size is 1.5 μm 5 μm.

    2.      tubes of various innerdiameter and column length. Innerdiameters cover 50, 75, 100, 320 μm, and the columnlength is 20 cm50 cm. 

    stationary phase