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Product name:UM5000 ELSD
Product model:UM5000
Product overview

1. 10 years experiences in ELSD, excellent reputation in the field of analytical instrumentation .

2.Wide applications in pharmacuetical, biological, environmental and food analysis.

3. Best performance with reasonable price.

4. Easy operation and maintanence.

5. High Sensitivity and accuracy. 

  • Can be coupled to any HPLC system.

    Can detect any sample with lower volatility than the mobile phase.

    Can used on both low and high temperature conditions.

    Nebulize and evaporate at lower temperature, sensitive to the thermally instable and semi-volatile compounds.

    Compatible with various HPLC solvent and gradients, no solvent peak interference.

    The auxiliary gas improves the detection sensitivity and helps to prevent the detection cell from pollution.

    Combination of laser and PMT offers the best performance and higher sensitivity.

    Accurate temperature control.

    Accurate gas flow control.

  • Environmental conditionstemperature 15-30℃    humidity <90%
    Evaporation temperature rangeroom temperature to130
    Increment of temperature adjustment1℃
    Accuracy of temperature control ±1℃
    Gasnitrogen or air
    Gas pressure range2 bar -5 bar
    Accuracy of gas pressure detection0.01 bar
    Gas flow rate range1L/min -4L/min
    Gas flow accuracy0.02 L/min
    Liquid flow rate range10 µL/min-3 mL/min
    Light source650nm semiconductor laser
    Detecting elementphotomultiplier tube
    Baseline noise<0.05 mV (velocity 1 mL/min, pure water)
    Baseline drift<0.5 mV/h (velocity 1 mL/min, pure water)
    Minimum detection limit<1 ng (glucose, direct injection)
    Typical quantitative range0.1 μg-30 g (glucose)
    Quantitative repetitive RSD6<2% (glucose)
    Output signal0-1 VDC
    The computer interfaceRS232