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Product name:UM5800 ELSD
Product model:UM5800
Product overview

1. 10 years experiences in ELSD, excellent reputation in the field of analytical instrumentation .

2.Wide applications in pharmacuetical, biological, environmental and food analysis.

3. Best performance with reasonable price.

4. Easy operation and maintanence.

5. High Sensitivity and accuracy. 

  • About ELSD

         Evaporation light scatting detector (ELSD) is a kind of universal detector, which can detect any sample with lower volatility than the mobile phase. ELSD has a stable baseline and is much more sensitive than RI. Besides, ELSD is not sensitive to temperature changes and can be coupled to gradient HPLC without baseline drift.

         ELSD has been widely used to detect the carbohydrate, lipoid, fatty acid, amino acid, medicine and polymer, specially to detect those active traditional Chinese medicine ingredients without UV absorption.

    Comparison between ELSD and other common detectors

    Application rangeuniversalcompounds with UV   absorptionuniversaluniversal
    Signal responsemass relatedchemical relatedrefractive index  relatedMass related
    Unknown detection



    Mobile phase influence/gradientno
    background influenceyesno
    Baseline stabilitygood


    1. Optimized circuit design reduces the noise level

    2. Wide dynamic range of mass detection

    3. Lower chromatographic peak broadening, improve separation resolution

    4. Nebulization unit is easy to remove and clean

    5. Compact and fashionable design to decrease the electromagnetic interference and improve the comprehensive performance

    6. This ELSD is equipped with large and color touch screen, which makes the ELSD easy to use

    7. New temperature, flow and pressure alarm functions to guarantee the instrument stability, reliability and safety

  • environmental requirementsambient temp. 15-40℃                     relative humidity <90%
    evaporation temperature range embient temp. -130℃
    temperature regulation1℃
    temperature accuracy±1℃
    carrier gasnitrogen or air
    gas pressure range2 bar -5 bar
    gas pressure precision0.01bar
    gas flow range1 L/min -4L/min
    gas flow accuracy0.02 L/min or ≤1%
    liquid flow range10µL/min-3mL/min
    light source650 nm solid laser
    detection modulePMT
    baseline noise<0.03 mV
    baseline drift<0. 3 mV/h
    minimum detection limit<1 ng
    typical quantitative range0.1 µg ~30µg

    signal output

    0~1 VDC
    computer interfaceRS232
    size460*330*220 mm