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Russian Analitika Expo Breaking through Difficulties, Strengthening International Cooperation and Exchange

TIME:24-04-26    NUMBER:2

Russian Analitika Expo:Breaking through Difficulties, Strengthening International Cooperation and Exchange


Against the backdrop of the current international tensions,Unimicro Technologies, Inc firmly promotes international exchange and cooperation, and actively participates in global industry events.2024 April 16-18, Unimicro was invited by the local agent to participate in the 22nd Russian International Exhibition of Laboratory Instruments and Equipments(Analitika Expo), which was held at the Crocus Expo in Moscow, Russia. Expo,held at Crocus Expo in Moscow, Russia. This exhibition is an monumental eventin the industry, providing a platform for global suppliers and visitors to showcase the latest technology and exchange market trends.

As a Co-exhibitor, Unimicro Technologies,Incpaid great attention to this exhibition. The company sent a professional team with the latest products in order to fully demonstrate the strength and innovation of Unimicro Technologies, Inc in the field of laboratory instrumentsand equipment. At the exhibition, a diversified range of products wasdisplayed, attracting the attention and stopping of many visitors.

In the course of the exhibition, and agentsand customers introduced in detail the features, performance advantages and application scope of Unimicro Technologies products, and also patiently answered customers' questions, which won the trust and praise of customers. Additionally,Unimicro took the initiative to train with agents on the latest new products of eHPLC, discussing market trends, competitive situation and other topics, to gain a deeper understanding of the local market demand and competition, which provides a valuable reference for future market expansion.

During this trip to Russia, UnimicroTechnologies, Inc not only successfully demonstrated its own strength and innovation achievements, but also opened up new sales markets through in-depth communication with customers, and injected new momentum into the company's internationalization process. We firmly believe that in the current complex and changing international environment, only by adhering to the principles of openness and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, can we promote the sustainable evolution and progress of the industry. This trip to Russia is animportant step for the international market and an important milestone for the company to explore and expand in the future development. During this trip toRussia, Unimicro Technologies, it’s not only achieved a complete success in the exhibition, but also established a solid relationship in the in-depth communication with customers.


In-depth exchanges and discussions were held with industry experts and scholars from all over the world during the exhibition. These activities not only gave the Unimicro Technologies a clearer understanding of the latest developments and technology trends in the global market, but also brought them many new inspirations and ideas.

During the exhibition, UnimicroTechnologies, had in-depth communication and negotiation with the local agentsin Russia, further clarifying the direction and goals of both parties in thefuture cooperation. Through this trip to Russia, it’s not only consolidated the cooperative relationship with existing agents, but also successfully explored cooperative opportunities with some new potential agents.

In addition,Unimicro also made full use of this opportunity to conduct in-depth research and analysis on the consumption habits, cultural background and competitive environment of the Russian market.This valuable market information will provide an important reference and basis for the future market layout and product strategy development.

Overall, this trip to Russia is an important practice of Unimicro internationalization strategy. Through the exhibition, communication with customers and market research, Unimicro not only successfully enhanced its brand image and market influence, but also laid a solid foundation for the company's long-term development. In the future, Unimicro will continue to adhere to the development concept of open cooperation andinnovation drive, and work with global partners to promote the progress and development of the industry.