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​Supporting Inner Mongolia's Biomedical Raw Material Suppliers in Silymarin Testing

TIME:24-02-04    NUMBER:5

Supporting Inner Mongolia's Biomedical Raw Material Suppliers in Silymarin Testing

In the field of HPLC analytical instruments, Unimicro (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd. remains committed to providing the most advanced technical support to suppliers in Inner Mongolia's biopharmaceutical industry as the Chinese New Year approaches. To further enhance our customers' strength in natural product testing, we not only provide high-performance HPLC analysers, but also offer comprehensive training and guidance in operating skills, data analysis and other aspectsOur HPLC analysers have excellent performance in the field of natural product detection, which can help customers to efficiently complete the detection of natural products such as silymarin. Meanwhile, our professional team also provides customised solutions to meet the specific needs of different customers

In addition,  Unimicro (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd.  has always insisted on optimising the performance of our products and the quality of our services based on the needs of our customers. We know that as a solutions provider of analytical instruments, we can only gain the trust and support of our customers if we truly think from their point of view

In the future, Unimicro (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the concept of innovation and excellence, leading us to better development in the analytical industry. We look forward to working with more customers to create a better future together